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Dared to flush his head in toilet!

Dared to flush his head in toilet!

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In 1993, in the small town of Whitehouse, Texas, I was invited to a lake-house birthday party for one of my friends. I had been looking forward to it for a week and the anticipation of it was growing. All of my friends and I talked about the party all week. z

It was a co-ed birthday party and the coolest people were invited. I kept thinking of all the dance moves we would try out that night. Amy was the birthday girl and she was so much fun to be around. I had my jeans and shirt picked out for the occasion. Wow! "This was my first co-ed party!" I thought to myself.

Friday came and the party was on. I arrived with my friend, Jennifer, who road with me. We were grinning from ear to ear! I said goodbye to my parents and the curfew was midnight! I have never had that kind of freedom ever! My parents sheltered me and sent my sisters and me to a private school.

Anyway, tonight was the night! Well, after eating and catching up on the homecoming football scores and the events of the week at school. We turned up the volume and danced our tails off. The best of the 90's rock and country. We were in heaven! I remember having a white shirt on and I had sweat so much that it clung to my chest!

We laughed so hard we couldn't stand it!Then we decided to play spin the bottle. Whoa! I felt guilty that my parents would walk in the room any minute!

I looked at the entrance to the lake-house and no parents around!!! The bottle got to me and, Trevor asked, "truth or dare?" I answered sheepishly, "Dare." He said: "I dare you to do a swirly."

I thought that is so gross...but, it had to be done! Yes, I dared to flush my head in the toilet! I am glad the challenge was so easy...you know I have a lot of shampoo! That night I washed my hair five times.

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Head in the toilet!!

In a party, me and some friends were playing truth or dare. When it's my turn, I chose dare. They dared me to put my head in the toilet bowl and flush it.

I thought that it's not a big deal so I accepted it. But they put chocolate syrup mixed with honey in the toilet bowl as well as my head.

After I did the dare, my head was totally covered with honey and chocolate and of course toilet water.

Comments from Francis

Adding gooey foodstuff into a swirly dare - nice!!
Hope you got them back with a great dare of your own :D

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