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Truth or Dare Magazine, Issue #001 -- Shaving Cream Prank Dares - let's get messy!
August 31, 2011

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Contents of this issue

  1. Shaving Cream Dares
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  4. Featured visitor's submission

Shaving Cream Dares

One of my readers asked for some ideas for shaving cream prank type dares, so we compiled together some messy, creamy, and fun-to-watch but not-so-fun-to-clean-up ideas!

(If this link does not show up in your email, please watch it directly on YouTube:

Youtube Shaving Cream Dares Video

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Featured submission

Swimming Pool Games Yelling in the Pool
Yelling "Marco"
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For this edition of the Truth or Dare Magazine, let me draw your attention to some refreshing pool games. It is summer after all!

Get some refreshing ideas while playing

Marco Polo and other Swimming Pool Games!

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