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Truth or Dare Magazine, Issue #003 -- Dares for Girls - Ladies first, if you dare!
October 30, 2011

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Contents of this issue

  1. Dares for Girls
  2. Really busy... But some great news ahead!
    (Happy Halloween!)
  3. What is YOUR biggest wish?
  4. Featured visitor's submission

Dares for Girls

Time for the ladies to go crazy with these dares! Be it for your sleepover party or the next Hen night: things are going to get steaming with these dare ideas! Check them out in this Truth or Dare video...

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And if you like the dare ideas, feel free to leave a comment and or a thumbs up under the video :)

Actually, this video is not the only one, you can find many videos more videos like this in our section about

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Really busy... But some great news ahead!

If you followed this Website since the beginning (Cheers to you!) you'll notice not as many new pages as earlier. That's because I am really busy with some not-so-party-evening-stuff. Has to be done, no need to whine about it.

As you should not whine when you get dared to drink the surprise cocktail at you next dare night!


  • The Ebook is coming along fine, new and fresh ideas about Truth or Dare not shared anywhere on is coming up.
  • Halloween is coming up: don't forget to come up with some daring challenges! Look out for the Top Ten Scariest Halloween Tips!

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Featured submission

one girl whispering to aonther

Some great guest stories for you in this issue...

  1. The first one had me laughing tears, I swear you. If you like serious, epic, fantastic battles, you will love this:

The Lord of the Rings Truth or Dare Game:

  1. Where are all the gentlemen?! I was amused and surprised reading this.

Check out the story of Emma's date...

Seriously. That guy should have been slapped. Or bound to a tree naked the next time all friends are together.

  1. Peanut butter. Ice cubes. Whipped cream. These are three things you absolutely need for your next game of Truth or Dare.

Get as clean or dirty as you want!

Turn your everyday party into an unforgettable, epic "Awesome Evening"!


Francis from Dare-Up-Your-Party

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