Skinny Dipping Story of Two Best Friends

Naughty, Daring and Best Friends

Naughty, Daring and Best Friends

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Some of my wildest times were in college--or actually, when I was on breaks home from college. My best friend and I went to different colleges, but we planned most of our weekend trips home together, and we made sure to spend as much time as possible during summer breaks together.

I don't think there was a single day over Christmas break or summer break that we didn't see each other. We were inseparable, and often found ourselves doing wild things together--very often when there was little to no alcohol involved.

We stole shopping carts from the parking lot of the grocery store. She would drive her dad's SUV down the highway, and I would be leaning out the window, holding the shopping cart and steering it until we would see sparks flying off the wheels.

Truth or Dare Stories SUV Car
Dares are more funny if performed with such a luxurious car
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We would jump from the moving vehicle all the time. We would find a good, grassy area and then the passenger would prepare to tuck and roll as the vehicle sped up. We did some really foolish things, which we found really funny at the time, but looking back, could have gotten us seriously injured.

Our biggest dare, however, was the night we broke into the public pool. The pool was right along a major highway, so we could have easily been spotted. However, it was no deterrent for us. We were dared to break into the pool and go skinny dipping.

We were not ones to back-down from a challenge, either. We parked behind the pool, undressed and then scaled the fence. We had a wonderful time on that hot summer night swimming and splashing.

I decided to take a few turns on the diving board, too, and managed some great dives. We had a small crowd gathered on the other side of the fence watching us frolic and take the dare by the horns and run with it. The joke ended up being on us, however, we weren't great at the rules of skinny dipping or practical jokes, and in retrospect, we made a very rookie mistake.

We should have waited until we jumped the chain link fence to get undressed. When we decided we had enough of the dare, and we were feeling smug and satisfied with ourselves, and were getting thrilled we had earned a round of beers at the bar, we returned to the place where our clothes were supposed to be, and our friends had taken them and drove off.

Fortunately, we still had the keys to our car, and were able to jump in and drive home without being spotted. However, we did have to miss our round of beers for accomplishing the dare that night. It was certainly worth a good laugh at the time!

Believe me, I will never make THAT mistake ever again!

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Feb 05, 2014
Sounds like a blast!
by: Francis

Hey this sounds so exciting! Makes me want to be 16 and get into trouble all the time again :)

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