Skinny Dipping Dare With A Happy Ending

So I was with my friend (we are both guys) his sister and three of her girl friends. This will end well. My friend told us about a river about a mile away we could get to in the woods. So we walked out there.

One of his sister’s friends was changing into a bathing suit behind a tree then yelled at us we should play. And I knew that she was naked behind that tree so all dares she had in mind couldn't be good.

So first it was just truths about FMK (F*ck merry kill) and who we liked and stuff. But I finally manned up and said dare. So naturally you can guess what my dare was.

Skinny dip.

Now it was very muddy water and you could barely see under at all. So I hopped in then took off my bathing suit.

It floated down the river but got caught on a rock.

The next dare was for my crush n knew) to get the bathing suit and come give it too me. She got it started slowly coming towards me then they changed the dare.

She had to get naked too.

So then the rest of the girls threw both our bathing suits in a tree.

So here it is. We are in the water butt naked and can't come out because of embarrassment.
However I was hoping she would.

And I got my wish though.

Eventually her dare was to climb the tree and get them.

She came out of the water covering her frontal parts. Everybody saw her from behind. She got our suits and I put mine on.

But her top was cut by her friends so when she put it on it fell off.

I saw her from the front and after I got a mental picture let her wear my shirt to cover up.

Later from more truth or dare I found out she liked me back and I had to kiss her. So it turned put pretty nicely.

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Nov 30, 2012
wish you had a pic
by: Anonymous

If you did not only take a mental picture, it would be even more cool ;)

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