A Truth or Dare Memory: Skinnydipping Dare

by Arnold Redding
(California )

Church Group Photo, Old Memories

Church Group Photo, Old Memories

Church Group Photo, Old Memories Dare: Jump off the dock

Truth or Dare: the adolescents game of mental and physical exploration that allows them to push some boundaries that they might not have crossed yet. Looking back on my own years as a young man, I have some fond memories of that game that still make my smile today.

Then there are some other memories that still embarrass me a little bit as well. One in particular is worth sharing, it might even sound familiar as I'm not sure it's an uncommon situation. It was at church camp at June Lake in California when I was roughly 13 years old.

I had a close group of male friends and this was one of our first years attending the summer camp with the youth group. While it was a church group, none of us was in any way religious, but the idea of getting away from Mom and Dad for a few days was appealing.

When we found out that there would be girls from all over sharing the camp with us, even at the tough age of 13, out interest was sparked further. The first couple days of camp were fairly uneventful as all the kids from different areas took their time going outside their immediate circle of friends.

But after a short while, we all began to make new friends. With the end of camp dance quickly approaching, it was inevitable that some of those new friends were female. Being younger, no one really coupled up, but instead hung around in groups of a few boys and girls.

During the day, we were under close adult supervision. But as the sun went down, the supervision became more difficult and we were able to sneak away more easily. Towards the end of our week long camp, me and my close friends, along with a group of girls we had met at camp managed to sneak away after dinner to the nearby lake.

We found a dock and wandered on out to the end. Naturally, we needed some activity to occupy our group, and what better activity than Truth or Dare? The game started off tame, with a little smooch here and a few embarrassing secrets there, but it wasn't long before clothing had to be removed.

While the "truth" option was great, you were much more likely to get a smooch by taking dare. Eventually, I had to accept a dare that involved disrobing and jumping off the dock. Not being too shy, and wondering where that dare might take me, I briefly hesitated, stripped and jumped in.

As I emerged from the water, I heard giggling, which was to be expected. Then, I heard footsteps and saw my clothing, my friends and those cute girls we met at camp scampering away. The game ended with me running naked down a dirt road trying to catch them before they made it back to camp.

I still smile thinking about that evening, and still enjoy skinny dipping, maybe just because of that.

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Jun 11, 2014
Young at heart
by: Neo

Memories from the past always cheer me up. Good thing you did it while you’re still young—it’ll be so weird when you do that now. lol

May 21, 2013
by: Abby Paul

I was dared to strip and jump in the pond after we watched parent trap. I took them off and they sold my cloths online in a second and lock me out nude. Ten hours later someone shout nice b@@bs loser and ran off. Then they let me in.

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