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Truth or Dare Magazine, Issue #005, More Sexy Dares Ready for You in the Second Challenge!
May 07, 2012
Great to see you,

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Our second Challenge with Sexy Dares is ready!

Want to play Sexy Truth or Dare with these hotties...?

Wanna play Sexy Truth or Dare?

Here is just a quick update that our second email-challenge with hot dares is ready for you!

As you know, I don't want to be too explicit on the site itself since children are reading the stuff, too.

But, if you are old enough for adult dares (don't lie about your age now!), feel free to sign up for our second Truht or Dare Challenge!

You can sign up by clicking here, and we will send you 7 emails over the next 7 days with sexy dares as challenges for each day!

Try to complete as many as possible - and let us know how well you did with them!

Naughty Action with Peanut Butter

Grab your boyfriend or girlfriend and some peanut butter, and do the sexy dares Taylor "had" to do!

Way to go to get some steamy (or as she put it, buttery) action!

Our newest Truth or Dare Video is live for you!

This time it's about bikini dares! Don't worry if it is still cold outside

Do the dare outside and run back in to warm you up again Or get creative and do these dares when swimming or in the hot tub, or simply when no one agrees to get completely naked on the next dare night!

You can be part of our blog too, if you want to feature a video about Truth or Dare that you found on Youtube. Click here to find out how to do it!

Don't worry, it's easy!

Messie Jessie and KT strike once again with a brilliant dare challenge!

Did you meet those two lively and fun ladies already? We featured them numerous times with their videos on our site.

This time, they are doing the Sticky Trap Challenge. Don't know what that dare is?

You'll be in for a treat, especially if you enjoy watching enchained girls struggling free while having fun! Jump over now and watch their newest video...

Featured Guest Post from Jill

Getting whipped cream licked off your naked body in front of all your friends is embarrassing enough. But having two people you did not expect at all crash into your party and see this must be mortifying as hell.

I enjoyed reading this guest submission a lot.

Feel free to leave Jill a nice heads-up in the comments!

That's it already!

See you at the naughty challenges ;) And I hope you have a blast doing them!!


wishing you a great time with these dares!

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