Wearing Diapers after playing Truth or Dare

by Ryan

We (two boys, 13) were hanging out together and I was going to stay until the next day. At night, we were playing truth or dare, and it went on for hours! We challenged each other over and over again and tried to surpass each others with our dares.

One of the craziest dares was my friend daring me to wear diapers from my little brother (who was bed wetting) and keep them on for the night!

Because we did all dares up to this point, I did not want to back out. So I silently sneaked downstairs to get those training pants. Without thinking too much, I simply put them on but they felt really weird.

My friend checked immediately if I did the dare by pulling my pajama bottoms down. I ended up wearing them for the whole night.

What I did not notice was my friend changing the time of the alarm clock! We woke up way too late and had to rush out to get the bus. Of course there was no time for breakfast.

As we made it to the bus, we were out of breath. Only after we both sat down, he whispered to me: “You are still wearing diapers, right?” with an evil grin.

I froze with fear and embarrassment. I really still was wearing the diapers and there was no way to make it out of school until the afternoon! I felt them with every step that I made and was in constant fear of someone hearing them crackle.

When I thought I would make it out of school, my friend appears from nowhere and pulls down my pants! I almost tripped and was standing there in diapers with everyone watching! I will never forget the laughter from everyone.

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Jun 02, 2011
Wearing Diapers after playing Truth or Dare
by: DareDevil

Nice story, What was the size of the diaper?? I also want to try but still unable to find my size.

Oct 29, 2011
You didn't take 'em off?
by: Anonymous

THAT IS HILARIOUS! Why didn't you just go commando until lunchtime? I'm a girl and even I've done it on occasion. Sure, it's a little dirty, but way better than the crackling good time you had.

Nov 08, 2013
What size diaper?
by: James

What size diaper did you wear that's the question?

Sep 04, 2016
Why did you do the dare
by: Anonymous

why did you do the dare you could have easily have done the truth instead and told you friends to grow up

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