Total embarrassement - Diaper Dare Ended with the Police

by Tom
(Clearwater Florida)

I had a little gathering with some girls and we went a bit too far. I got dared to do something and did it and got into some trouble.

They dared me to put on baby diaper and plastic panties.

With a pacifier in my mouth I had to run around the apartment house building...

I did it but got my ass in trouble with the police dept. Some body called 911 and they came.

They handcuffed me and put me in the back of the car and took me to the police station... I had no other clothing..

I was put in jail over night and they released me in the am. How embarrassing it was.

Every body thought it was cute when I wet my diaper!!!

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Nov 25, 2012
Omg dafuq!?
by: Francis

Pretty shocking, to say the least, Tom!

If you end up with the Police and in jail for a dare, then it being embarrassing should be the least of your concerns.

Were you alone in your cell? Were there other inmates?

This is a limit you shouldn't EVER cross when playing Truth or Dare. Don't ever do stuff in public that could get you arrested!

This includes some naked dares I know about...

Nov 25, 2012
Bust out?!
by: Jill

Your friends should have busted you out!

Aug 27, 2013
way to go
by: Anonymous

I love out in the public dares. To this person I commend you. Way to go. I would of cried like a baby all the way to the station.

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