Strip Poker! Never go all in!

by Bob

We had the girls almost stripped

We had the girls almost stripped

(Photo from Jacrews7 via flickr)

One time in high school, we were playing strip poker with some girls. They were pretty hot and I had a lucky streak, so they were down to their underwear and I just had lost my shoes and socks.

Then, I got a pretty good hand (Full House, I can still remember every card!), so I started to push my luck. After I bet higher, some of the girls folded. But the one I liked was still in!

Since I had such an advantage in clothing, she dared me to bet all for the rest of her clothes. Since she was the hottest girl and I was pretty sure that I would win, I agreed.

Well, she had the higher hand: Four of a kind!

My jaw dropped almost as fast as my clothes, since they jumped all over me to strip me butt-naked! Not only was I standing there, naked, with red cheeks like an idiot. I also got a reputation as a notoriously bad poker player from there on...

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Jan 30, 2012
I topped that
by: Al

Once I played with friends and there were only one other guy and 4 really good looking girls there. The guy had to work the next day so he had to leave earlier.

We all got drunk and played Strip Poker. I was totally winning and they were down to their underwear. The girls made a big bet:

One of them loses, and I strip down completely.
I win: they undress and I can do whatever to them.

Well, I won...

Dec 17, 2011
That was kinda stupid?
by: Kevin

If I were you and were playing strip poker with some super hot girls, and they were in their underwear and I not...

They would have to beg me for each sock. I would have them dance, massage, bring me food etc if they would not strip down completely.

Missed chances, man!

Oct 29, 2011
Good job, naked butt
by: Anonymous

Do you have a good body, though? Cause that wouldn't be so embarassing. At least you had the balls to strip

Jun 02, 2011
Strip Poker! Never go all in!
by: DareDude

Wow Amazing.. Next time invite me too

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