Dares for your sleepover Truth or Dare

To make your sleepover Truth or Dare night a full success, let yourself be inspired by this list of dares. Adapt it to your group and have a blast!

  • Pretend you are crying as you describe your worst date
Man in Diaper dared to act like a baby
  • Group dare: have everyone act as furniture or other objects in the room.
  • Behave like a baby for 5 rounds. Have the group hold you, console and feed you. If you feel really like doing an extreme dare, look for diapers to put on!
  • Behave like an animal. Preferably like a pet if the host has one. Bring it in and compare your performances! Just leave the leash and the dog food alone. Or not...?
  • Put on a film scene but turn off the sound. Give each other roles and characters and improvise the dialogues and noises. Try to find a kissing scene and enact it in a really cheesy way.
  • Watch a commercial. Imitate it and exaggerate when you do.
  • Suck on a lemon and kiss another player.
  • Have someone pour water in your pants. They choose if they put it in the front or back. Take care not to drench the bed you will be sleeping in later!
  • Touch each other as you feel is acceptable. Caress your backs, feet, hands, hair. Literally get a feel for each other.
  • Give each other massages. Not necessarily for the back only.
  • Kiss each other! Let the person kissed choose or the group. Be creative and aim for the neck, feet, stomach, crook of the arm, knee bend... If you don’t want to kiss, lightly blow on the skin of the other person, especially in their ears!
  • Have someone rub their feet in your face.
  • Exchange clothes with each other as you change into your pajamas.
One girl is dared to slap on the face of another girl
  • If you want more extreme truth or dares, slap or spank each other. Playfully… or not!
  • Pinch or tickle each other. Remember that you are supposed to keep it down for your sleepover Truth or Dare!
  • Prepare some ice cubes. You can put them into your pants for a dare, or pass them around using only your mouth until it is melted.
  • Talk in sign language only for some time. Do this as you playfully ask others out on dates or for a favor.
  • Try to balance stuff on your head: books, empty bottles, your pet...

If you have enjoyed this list at your sleepover Truth or Dare night, share with us your most popular and fun ideas to play at a sleepover!

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