Pool Pong - Beer Pong for the Pool!

Combine Beer Pong with Ping-Pong

Combine Beer Pong with Ping-Pong

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This is a unique and interesting game, which can be played in many different ways. Once I was having a pool party with my friends and we ran out of ideas. So one of us suggested playing Ping Pong (also known as Table Tennis in some parts).

The idea was fine, but we got bored after a little while and there was not much variation to the game. So someone proposed combining it with a game of Beer pong. The thought was exciting and we started playing.

[Adult Pool Party games Ping Pong table in the pool
A Ping pong table in a pool
(Photo: Don'tDrinkTheOpinions)
The name of the game is self explanatory, nowadays we play this game very often. All you need is a pool pong raft, which is easily available in the market along with a Ping Pong ball, some paper cups and some enthusiastic mates.

If you don't have a pool pong raft, you can also use your imagination to build yourself one (e.g. with a clothesline). Since the game is played in a pool, it is important that the raft is floating. Make sure the cups stick in the table and the beer does not pour out of it.

If you don't want to drink beer, you can replace it with any other drink.The idea of the game is to place some cups in a pyramidal shape. Although the cups form a pyramid they don't necessarily stay that way.

[Adult Pool Party games Playing Pool Pong
Playing Pong
(Photo: joelogon)
As there are more wholes in the raft to target, it gets more difficult to make shots. This game is best played between two teams; each team gets two re-racks per game at any time.

The standard rule is to take one with six cups remaining and with two or three cups remaining.The drill of the game is to toss a pong ball to the opposite side of the raft.

If the ball lands in any of the cups, the team who owns it will take the cup and chug the beer. The team that runs out of cups first will lose the game.

[Adult Pool Party games Cups in a pyramid Shape
Place Cups in Pyramid Shape
(Photo: gojeffrey)
You can also make custom changes in the game format: Once we had two rivals playing this game, and they bet for money and replaced the beer with pool water as a punishment. In my opinion chugging a glass of beer is more like a reward rather than a punishment!

Do read between the lines and use your imaginations to make this game more interesting.

Happy Pool Pong playing!

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