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When you think of Truth or Dare, you have to think of stripping, licking and eating disgusting stuff.

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But it only get's really rough on a nude in public dare! Except when you have that exhibitionist trait in you.

Do you have difficulty to think of some nude dares?

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Since we already have so many Truth or Dare stories, we ordered all nude in public dare stories on this page.

We want you to share your stories with us too! But keep it on a level where it's still safe for work, even when describing us your adult dares!

Naked Dare in a Shopping Mall

Your most exciting naked dare story!

Sexy girl dared to tie her hands behind the back
Have you played Truth or Dare? Then you will have had some exciting, embarrassing moments where someone got out of their clothes to tell about!

Here is the place for you to let the world know about them!

Did you dare one of your friends to do something when he was already naked?

Someone lost a bet and had to do some crazy stunt without clothes?

Did you trick someone out of their clothes for the fun of everyone else...?

Tell us all about it! Visitors will be able to comment and even rate your nude Truth or Dare story!

And as a "thank you", I'll send you our best stories as an ebook!

Stories from other visitors

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Drunk and took Dare 
We were playing one night with our usual group of t/d couples. This particular night a neighbor woman showed up uninvited and already very drunk. Much …

Pumping the gas... Naked 
I was at an adult video store, which is located in the middle of a fairly large city in the great NW, looking to find an adult video to watch... After …

Ultimate Dare For A Stranger  
We were playing a different type of truth or dare, mainly dares. We name it ULTIMATE DARE! It's whenever we meet each night is someone's turn... Where …

Naked in hotel hallway 
I going to put 3 dares in to one story. John and I we're staying at a very nice hotel in downtown Dallas, Texas. This hotel has a swimming pool on the …

A walk in the park 
I’m back with a new dare from my boyfriend John. If you’ve seen my last two posts, my walk naked to the courthouse and my nude walk in the shopping center. …

I walked naked to the courthouse 
My boyfriend and I live in a small town in north east Texas. Pop. about 7500. Monday - Thursday you can almost fold up the streets at 11:00 pm and put …

I walked naked in parking lot at shopping mall 
My boyfriend and I watched this video of a woman walking nude in the parking lot during the daylight of a shopping mall. My boyfriend asked me if I would …

Naked Biking Dare 
I was invited to a party and I'm only 12. I'm a boy. The party got really boring so I suggested truth or dare but I did not know it was going to backfire. …

Naked. Need I say more?? story begins with a party my friends were hosting. Half the reason I went was because I knew my friends well enough to know that a dare contest …

Licking Dares with Your Boyfriend - Exciting and Hot Dare Stories 
I'm 18 and a girl. The other day, my boyfriend, my BFF and a few of our other friends came to my house for a mini- party. We got bored so we all agreed …

Most embarrassing truth or dare game ever! 
This is a funny story that happend to me with that dreaded game most of us have played, Truth or Dare. Everyone know how it works: When it’s your turn, …

Naked in the Pizza Store 
This isn't so much a suggested dare, as it is a record of a dare that I did. Definitely not for everyone! I'd been playing outside late at night with …

Having the balls to do a naked dare got me a hot girl 
When my friend Jenna turned 21 we had a huge party at her house, which like most 21st birthdays degenerated into some serious drinking, which like most …

Family vacation in Paris 
My dad had to go to work in Paris on an architecture project for about two months over the summer when I was 14. At 16 I see this story as hilarious now... …

Stopped by the police because of a naked dare 
(Photo: lord enfield ) This truth or dare story is the most embarrassing experience of my whole life. We were having a sleepover and …

Had to walk home naked after playing Truth or Dare with girls! 
It was winter when I got invited to this party. I was 15 years old and there were mostly girls. I was not so popular at that time and was really happy …

Walking naked at a shopping mall parking lot Not rated yet
This is my second time I went naked at a shopping mall parking lot. ( See here my first time ). John and I got this idea from a video we seen online. …

Naked in hotel hallway - Part 2 Not rated yet
On our last day in Dallas, John had one last dare for me. We had to leave early at 4:00 am. On a Sunday morning, we were on the 15th floor. I don't know …

A Bare Dare Not rated yet
olofw This is a story from my wild high school days, the first weekend I ever tried alcohol! I was on vacation with one of my girlfriends and her …

Public Naked Dare Stories Not rated yet
(Photo from aubergene ) One time, back when I was in high school I was hanging out with my close friends Shelly, Anna, and Donald. We were hanging …

A Naked Dare at the Dorm party Not rated yet
When I was in college in Flagstaff, AZ I decided to attend a dorm party. I hadn't really gone to many parties in my time, but figured that since it was …

A Naked Dare Got Me in Trouble Not rated yet
At 17 you make odd choices on what is fun and amusing, and look for anything to do outside your parents' house. That is what led us to the Catholic Seminary …

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