Naked. Then diapered. True Story

by Trae

Me and a few buddys of mine got together to have our 5th annual TOD competition. We all made up truths and dares, and rated them on a scale of 1-5. The way the game worked was first round was questions and dares rated "1". After you refused 5 dares/truths you got eliminated from the game. 50 questions per round.

Now, me being and extreme daredevil, I survived all the way to Level 5. It was me and two other dudes. I drew a slip out of the hat and to my disbelief I saw the most horrid thing ever

"You are now a baby. The person to your right is your mommy. He must immediately diaper you In front of the group. You are to use the diaper only to relieve yourself. After you use it, they must change it. The game will continue as normal and you are to be a baby for the rest of the day."

I was so horrified.

Not wanting to ruin my streak I sucked it up, and removed my pants and underwear exposing my manhood to the entire group. We had all bought supplies, so there were 50 depend diapers ready to go. This happened at 6:30 that morning.

All day long, I was changed into a new diaper after I "did my buisness" And in front of the group. Awful. It smelled bad, and I got a diaper rash. I was glad when the day came to a close.

The next day, there were only 3 of us left. My "mommy" and my best friend. However, everyone through out the game that had been eliminated were there to watch. The final match was coming to a close. I had four refusals and my buddy had 4 as well.

It was my turn. If I took the dare and he didn't, I won. But If I refused, I lost. I took the dare (BIG MISTAKE)

"You must now strip naked in front of everyone. Turn slowly so the whole group will be able to witness that you are following the rule. You must remain naked for 2 hours."

So, here I was, exposing my manlihood in front of 30+ people. And with a previous diaper rash in the crotch area.

I survived the next two hours, and my friend lost at the same dare I got with the whole baby thing. I was glad he did because I did not feel like changing any diapers:)

That is my story, and I hope you enjoy it. I am now 20 years old, and those dreams still haunt me. I do find diapers comforting now though... :)

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Jul 20, 2012
Ouch indeed!
by: Francis

Man, Trae, this is one hardcore dare night you must have had! Impressive.

Normally, I wouldn't post stories that go too "deep" into whatever belongs into the bathroom - but I liked how you kept things civil, leaving the dirtiest stuff to the imagination ;)

Hope you like being featured on this site :) Feel free to send your friends that played with you a link to this story, so they can comment on it, too!

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