My Last Truth or Dare – Angry Father Caught Me

by Elizabeth Merritt
(Vienna, Virginia )

(Photo from shortiestar3000)

Truth or Dare was the game to play growing up. Although I don't remember how old I was when I learned to play, the memories of games throughout my childhood and teenage years will stick with me forever. The adrenaline of getting a "Dare" and the excitement and embarrassment of getting a "Truth" always kept the game fun, unique, and interesting.

When I was little, Truth or Dare had everything to do with being silly. Too young for "boy girl" parties, I'd play with groups of girls at slumber parties. Tucked away in our fluffy sleeping bags, huddled in a circle, we'd dare each other to dance like a monkey or ask each other which boy we thought was cutest. However, growing up a few years brought a new meaning to the game.

The involvement of men and hormones gave it a completely new aspect. My 16th birthday was one of the last times I remember playing Truth or Dare. It was the most "scandalous" but was also not particularly inappropriate.

I can remember it fondly, be slightly embarrassed, but still not feel ashamed. I had a co-ed dance party in my basement for my 16th. It was towards the end of the night and we were all danced out. Most people had gone home, but two of my female friends and three male friends were left in the quiet, dark basement.

We decided to play Truth or Dare. After a couple revealing truths and couple innocent kisses for dares, a male friend was dared to give me a lap dance. The music was turned on and my quite attractive friend started dancing for me. Everyone was full of giggles and laughter and yelling for him to "take it off!" So he obliged.

Just as he was straddling my lap shirtless, spinning his tee around his head, my stepfather stepped out of the dark, "Your ride's here."


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Jan 03, 2012
I would have spanked you.
by: Jason

With 16, You have been caught playing Truth or Dare with boys??

If I was your father, you would get hell from me :)

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