My friends diaper dare

by KC

One quiet night I was going to a slumber party. When I got there the girls pulled me aside and took a head count. All of us were there except Angie. Angie was soooo mean and rude.

And they sent her an invitation of 5:30 while the rest of us were there at 5:00. We were gonna prank her soo bad and have it on video!

This was the plan: she comes we play truth or dare and give her the dare to wear a diaper all night! When she got there, she unpacked we played a few games then we played truth or dare.

She got the dare and didn't want to do it, but we tied her up diapered her and dressed her up like a baby! (I guess we went a little far;)) we then put her in a cradle gave her ex lax(extra strong) and hand in hot water!

We left her there till morning, which was a school day, then we undressed her and gave her a fresh diaper and a little school girl shirt and a too small little girls skirt! She had literally one minute to get on the bus when she flipped the table on us!

We never realized she diapered us in our sleep, as she laughed she changed to sweats and a Tee and packed her underwear and bra! Omg we were soo surprised!

We were all in diapers and felt like baby's ourselves we never figured out how she got out out the ropes but who cares we were frikkin' scared!

We had one minute still to get on the bus when she grabbed ME the only person this bully could grab and as my friends abandoned me and put on their jeans. I lay there scared as a kitten thinking she'll punch me but noooo, I would have liked that better.

Instead she put the clothes we had put on her last night on me! At the time I was 4"5 so I fit in the baby carrier that you wear on your body, so she stuffs me in while running to the bus! I was sooo embarrassed and peed my self!

She then made it known that little baby KC wears little baby diapers. I could have punched her, but I was so scared...!

The other girls from the sleepover laughed and instead got me on tape and posted it on the school website. I was officially embarrassed enough when as soon as I wasn't expecting it, she duct tapes me to my seat so every one can just powder me on my bum - even the boys!

This is it I thought, I'm a girl jock and I am the soccer champ! I can't have this rep.

I got to school and Angie is pretty strong so she grabs me and puts me back in the sling and her body and takes me to the morning announcements and changes me in front of everyone!

That day consisted of changes and finding out the girls had planned it WITH Angie! So at the end of the day I thought now I can go home and wait for mom and dad to leave for their weekend trip, when sudenly the girls are all talkling to my mom (because all their parents are going with mine) about having me have sleepover all weekend. 3 whole days of pure torture!

They got what they wanted, I stayed the entire time :(

We played truth or dare every hour and I was in the middle getting the DARES - only the dares!?

I got my bra stuffed my panties filled and my body baby fied! I hate Angie soo much but moved on AND never played truth or dare ever again.

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Feb 01, 2015
Not really true but a lesson to be learned
by: Francis

I'll just go ahead and will tell you - I don't believe your story is true in all these details. There are some things that just don't make sense. Like you all being diapered in your sleep without anyone noticing. Or your friends having been part of the plan and then being attacked by Angie.

But I still wanted to post this story for others to read, just because you took such time to write it.

And I do believe it was inspired by something that happened in your life, perhaps related to a Truth or Dare "game". Let me tell you, the way you describe it, it has nothing to do with the game. That's just plain abusive.

To anyone reading this story that has something similar happen to him or her, I really recommend you read about saying "No" when confronted with a dare (or anything else) you don't want to do.

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