Kissing Dare Photos with Hot Girls

Disclaimer: the girls shown in the photo were chosen because they inspired me to illustrate some dare ideas with kissing dare photos.

Kissing dare photo gallery stunning hot blond in car

Do you got yourself a breathtaking hot gorgeous girl at your place? That's your chance for a kiss!

To help you, we collected a series of kissing dare photos to set up some kissing games and creative kissing dares!

They are perfect for when you want to play a sexy game involving kissing, but want to do something else than the classical Seven Minutes in Heaven.

kissing dare photos girl kissing girl with sunglasses

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Look or Kiss Dare!

In this challenge, you have to kiss a person of your choice for as long as they do not look you deeply into the eyes. Set a fixed time for this dare:

  • 10 rounds
  • 5 minutes

Keep it up during the turns of others. The eye-gazing and kissing will drive you crazy!

kissing dare photos teenage bikini girl group touching and kissing

kissing dare photos cleavage girls making out

Big Orgy Kissing Pile!

Grab as many players of your choice. All these players start kissing randomly. They have to pile on as little place as possible. During the pile, everyone is free to choose someone, but must kiss one person at least.

Sexy Outfit Deserves a Kiss!

Kiss the person who is dressed the most sexy at this party. After the kiss, you must explain exactly what is it you found sexy to the whole group. If you cannot convince the person you kissed, you have to do a punishment dare.

kissing dare photos teenage girls posing a kiss

kissing dare photos happy cheek kiss brown haired girls

Air Kisses!

Pretend to kiss each person of the opposite sex playing. You have to stop just before doing the actual kiss. You can "make out" in the air, as long as you don't actually kiss. Do this with every player involved in this dare.

Best Friends Forever!

Independent of their gender, give the one person you see as your best friend a kiss somewhere you want. He or she has to kiss back in the same manner, if they also see you as their best friend amongst everyone.

kissing dare photos serious faced girl and man pose

kissing dare photos boat see kiss of bikini girls
Unimpressed by Your Lips!

Choose as many people as you want to kiss you. You get kisses for as long as you manage to look unimpressed and unexcited. The group decides when your face looks distracted or excited by all this kissing.

For the guys and girls who do the kissing: you have to try your hardest to make the "victim" laugh, look disgusted, excited etc! You cannot do anything else then kiss (no speaking, no tickling etc.)

Public Kissing!

Choose someone who is not your partner. The more surprising it would look to people outside of the game if they saw you kissing, the better. Move outside where others can see you and kiss for as long as you can take it.

kissing dare photos beauting queen kisses girlfriend

kissing dare photos hot workout girl group
Bridal Kiss!

Every player has to pretend proposing to you. The best player who has asked to marry you gets a kiss. The other players cheer for you, throw flowers (or pillows!) and throw you into the air...

Sexy Sandwich Make-Out!

Three players are chosen by vote or dice-throwing. Two kiss while the third one has to hump the player in the middle for one minute.

  • It's sexy if you can choose your partners.
  • And it will be surprising, embarrassing and fun to watch if you choose the players randomly.

kissing dare photos devil girl kissing cleavage

kissing dare photos girl on girl kiss at a party
Kiss the Decolleté!

Pick every girl that has a visible decolleté. The girl with the "best" outfit or the "best" assets gets kissed. Not on the lips, but anywhere visible. She may not change her outfit as soon as the dare starts.

Depending on how adult you want it to be, the girl can kiss over the clothings, just as in the kissing dare photo, or directly go after some naked skin!

Drinking from Your Lips!

One of you takes a mouthful of something tasty. Pass it to someone of your choice by mouth-to-mouth feeding him or her.

Variant: both players take a mouthful of something that would mix well together. Then they mix the drink between their mouths and drink it. Example: Ice cubes for one player and Coca Cola for the other.

kissing dare photos hot girl biting breasts of another girl

kissing dare photos three girls hugging and kissing
Biting Revenge!

You can kiss someone up to three times wherever you want. They get to take revenge by softly biting or nibbling back on the same places on your body.

The Friendly Cheek Kissing Dare!

Stand between two players of your choice. Turn your head and give each kisses for one minute. Each time you turn your head, you have to kiss whatever is presented to you: lips, forehead, cheeks, hair...

kissing dare photos hot bikini girls with tattoos making out

a guy is dared to give a surprise kiss to a girl

Tattoo Kiss!

Kiss everyone who has a tattoo. To make things even hotter, you can kiss them directly on the tattoo. Depending on where it is, we will let you run wild with your imagination!

Surprise Kiss!

Pick someone. Tell them they will get a surprise. Kiss the person when they are not expecting it. Time limit: 1 hour!

two girls are dare to take a photo of theirselves while kissing each other

Two sexy girls are dared to kiss a girl with a beautiful smile
Make a Kissing Dare Photo!

Capture yourself kissing a player of the same sex. Each player gets a copy of the photograph. Don't go blackmailing each other right away! Use the photo as an incentive for other friendly or sexy dares, let the players win back their pictures - if they need them.

Bright Smile!

Everybody has to grin! Pick the person with the most beautiful smile and give her a kiss.

Every photo looks better with a smile. Kissing dare photos are no exception! :)

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kissing dare photos girl grabbing cleavage of couple

Kiss a Taken Woman!

Choose a player that is not single. Kiss him when he is sitting next to his partner. The partner who is watching but not kissing determines how long the kiss goes on.

Make sure it's OK with everyone before the game.

beautiful girl pursed her lips like a duck for kissing

kissing dare photos blond and black haired girl kissing on lips
Duckface Kissing Dare!

Exaggerate puckering your lips. Do a so-called "Duck Face." Kiss while holding this expression!

Kissing on the Dancefloor!

Pick someone to slow-dance for one romantic and sexy song. When the song ends, you get to kiss this person. This can be done as a group kissing dare!

kissing dare photos beautiful teenage girl mouth pursed

kissing dare photos two long blond hair girls smiling
Endurance Battle!

Everyone pucker your lips. The person who holds out the shortest and the person who keeps puckering for the longest time get to kiss each other. You can choose different dares for other players who drop out over time to prevent or encourage strategic "cheating" on this dare.

Hair Color Decides!

Kiss everyone who has the same hair color. You have to kiss everyone on the same place. If no one has your hair color, decide on your hair length instead and kiss everyone who has comparably long hair as you.

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