Good Dares for Online Truth or Dare

by Francis

Ever wanted to play Truth or Dare over the internet? For a fun game of online truth or dare you need:

- Proof that you did the dare (photo or video or a testimonial)

- A webcam to see the facial expression when someone plays Truth. A lie is typed quite easily

- Good dares for online Truth or Dare!

When you are at your computer anyways, you can dare someone to...

1. Give you control over their computer for a while using remote desktop control programs (like teamviewer)

2. Post their COMPLETE browsing history

3. Post something silly on Facebook. Like that they are in a relationship with someone outlandish (from a different sexual orientation, age or country, or a celebrity)

4. Use a designed pic (preferably a dirty one) as a desktop background.

5. Tell you a password for a certain website they are using so that you can make fun of them

6. Change their forum signature of their favorite forum to link to embarrassing stuff (like the fanpage of Justin Bieber or something similar)

And if you want to punish a hardcore surfer badly, dare them to cut their internet cable or disable their internet access for a certain time!

That'll teach them ;) Truth or Dare is best played in real life from face to face.

Or what do you think? Can you think of an online dare that so fun that I should do it right away?

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Mar 27, 2012
dare: post your browsing history
by: Anonymous

That's a good one. You have to ask to see it right away or they will delete it!

Mar 01, 2013
Bum Fun
by: Clovie from UK

Take a photo of your @$$ and e-mail it to someone

Apr 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

I had send a naked picture of myself to the headmaster and was expelled

Jun 11, 2014
Random is fun
by: Neo

Truth or Dare is always fun to play face-to-face because it’s spontaneous and random. You will see the reactions in real-time.

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