Dare Girls Challenge for 2012, Diaper Dares in Public

How is this for a good mood and funny truth or dare challenge on video. Those two girls really shake everything with their butts and tightly tucked into those diapers, but don’t take my words for it, Watch is yourself!

So what diaper Dares can we get out of this video for us to do ourselves. The first one is obvious, record a video of you, dancing in a diaper and post it on internet. Is that not hardcore enough for you? Well try out the next dare the girls did.

Wearing your diapers over your pants, go out in public and walk slowly through a very busy mall. Don’t stop whether people are looking at you or not. If they turned around and laugh at you just walk around as usual as nothing out of the natural happened. That’s what these girls did at least. My respects for such big courage.

Still not challenging enough for you? Why don’t you try getting into a club without your diapers being seen and once you are in, remove your disguise and show those diapers to everyone on the dance floor.

Heck, you could even make a diaper themed party where everyone would have to wear one. Check out how the girls did it. Looks fun! Doesn’t it?

You can even write stuff on your diaper so that you are bringing a message across. Like “Happy 2012” for the girls or “I am a victim of a Dare” is something you can write on your diaper.

A word of warning though, if you thought this video will only feature girls in diapers, be careful! There is also one guy in there, wearing those diapers and dancing and shaking his ass like crazy.

Well, there is always the fast forward button. Is it? ;)

More dares the girls did in diapers...
  • Walk up to a stranger and get yourself photographed with him together.
  • Go on a public demonstration while wearing diapers.
  • Do a silly break-dance exhibition.

Always wearing diapers, filming it and sharing it on internet.

Just check out how much fun these girls are having. What more reasons do you have to do a fun but safe and silly diaper Dare.

Anymore diaper Dare ideas for the girls?

Feel free to post them in comments.

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do or dipper
by: aryanna

i dare you to wear a dipper in wallmart. p.s. no pants but a shert.

Great Job, Girls!
by: Francis

Awesome diaper dares, ladies!

Check out their second dare challenge too! It's an eating contest this time, just not as easy as one might think...!

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